Characteristics of an e-shop

Κατασκευή Eshop
Κατασκευή Eshop

Creating an e-shop

Building an e-shop

Web-Infox has innovative and original solutions, as well as many years of experience in building e-shops. Thus, we can consult you and guide you while building your own new e-shop. You will easily have your own high-quality e-shop that will be built according to the international guidelines for e-shops and you will be able to immediately start selling your products online all over Greece. We have simplified the process of building an e-shop so that it is an easy and fast procedure for you.


Characteristics of an e-shop

  • Images for categories and products
  • Detailed images for products and categories
  • A page where all the categories appear
  • Creating an e-shop with an unlimited number of content pages
  • Presentation of new products on the homepage
  • Presentation of the most popular products
  • Presentation of recommended products-special offers
  • Full presentation of products (name, code number, characteristics, photograph, price)
  • Foreign languages (if you want) at an extra charge
  • Mass email sending to the customers of the e-shop
  • Quick payment without the customer having to register to the e-shop
  • Detailed product return form for the customer (RMA)
  • Online help from the manager to the customers (live chat)
  • Wholesale system
  • Adding advertising banners
  • Adding advertising slider on the homepage
  • A blog (for all the news of the e-shop)
  • Daily back-up files for the e-shop
  • Automatically informing the merchant via email regarding every transaction
  • Automatically sending confirmation emails to the customer
  • Saving the detailed information of the customer
  • Management of orders, sales and e-shop statistics
  • Possibility to compare products
  • Creating a contact form for customers
  • Wish-list (suggestions-wishes that the customer has regarding the products)
  • Linking the products to other websites


Search Engine Optimization for an e-shop

  • Choosing keywords for the categories and the products
  • Meta description for categories and products
  • Choosing keywords for content pages
  • Meta-description for content pages
  • Possibility to create a static HTML catalogue
  • Site map
  • Optimized PHP code
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Unlimited number of subcategories
  • Adding/editing products
  • Adding/editing categories
  • Meta tags for products/categories
  • Keywords for products/categories
  • Product list with many possibilities
  • Mass sales
  • Activating/deactivating products and categories with one click
  • Possibility to have access to products/categories depending on the user’s level of accessibility


Shipping cost and taxes for the e-shop

  • As many courier companies as you want
  • ACS Courier, DHL, ΕLTA, Porta-Porta: real time calculation
  • Adding the data for the courier company that you want
  • Calculating shipping cost in real time
  • Unlimited ways of product delivery
  • Unlimited destinations
  • Calculating cost depending on the place of delivery
  • The customer can choose the way of delivery
  • Calculating VAT in various ways
  • Creating special taxes for the products


Adding products to an e-shop

  • Creating an e-shop with an unlimited choice of products, colour, size, weight etc.
  • Complete formatting of the short and detailed description of the products
  • Meta tags for each product
  • Keywords for each product
  • Managing the list of manufacturers and categorizing products based on that
  • Managing the suppliers’ list
  • Related products
  • Unlimited number of images for each product
  • Opening the image of each product in a pop up and magic zoom
  • Quick view and add to cart
  • Choice for wholesale trade


Payment methods for the e-shop

  • Full list of offline payment methods: bank transfer, money transfer via WESTERN UNION, cash on delivery etc.
  • Full support for most online payments: all credit cards, PayPal etc.
  • For Greece we link the e-shop to Eurobank EFG, Piraeus Bank (WinBank), National Bank of Greece


The basics for building an e-shop

  • Adding many objects (products, categories, static pages etc.) with one click
  • Management using Ajax, Jquery
  • Code protected access to administration
  • Creating your e-shop in real time
  • Full back-up of the database
  • Unlimited number of administrators


Customer service for an e-shop

  • Expert search
  • Reminding password to customers
  • The customer can see the history of his orders
  • The customer can register as a member and have access to special prices
  • Access to certain parts of the content depending on the level of accessibility
  • Button to continue shopping
  • Button to delete a product from the cart
  • Security
  • Full HTTPS/SSL support
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL administration access
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL payment
  • Hiding customer information