Terms of use

Terms of use

The user of this website declares that he has read the terms of use carefully and accepts that by using https://web-infox.eu/ he fully agrees to the following terms and conditions. Web-Infox preserves the right to change the terms of use whenever it wants and thus, the users must regularly visit this page so as to remain up to date about potential changes in the policy of this website.



No one is allowed to copy, edit, change or republish the content of this website without prior written consent from Web-Infox.


Web designing

Web-Infox designs websites but it is not responsible for the content of the websites that it builds. The owner of the website is exclusively responsible for the content of the website or the material that is published in it. Only the owner of the website bears the responsibility for any violation of the rights of a third party due to publishing material in his website.


Personal data

The personal data that you submit to this website remain confidential and are not made known to any third party unless there is a court order or the order of some other public authority that says otherwise. Web-Infox edits your personal data to answer your questions and offer you the services that you have requested.



Web-Infox sends newsletters or promotional material only to the users who ask to stay informed about our services. If you do not wish to receive newsletters or promotional material any more, you can unsubscribe at any given moment.


External links

This website may contain links that lead to other websites. Web-Infox does not bear any responsibility for the content of those websites or for any damage that the users may suffer while using these links or while navigating in the websites that they lead to. The owners of these websites bear the sole responsibility.



Web-Infox is not responsible for the hosting service offered to the websites that it builds but only the company that has taken on the hosting of these websites is responsible for that. The customer agrees to comply with the terms of use of the company that has taken on the hosting of his website. Web-Infox does not bear any responsibility for any problems that may arise with the hosting service. The company that has taken on the hosting of each website is the only one responsible for that.


Technical support

After Web-Infox has built and delivered the website to the customer, it does not bear the responsibility for any problems that may arise in connection with its functionality. Web-Infox can repair problems that arise after the website has been delivered to the customer only if the customer accepts to pay the extra charge that corresponds to this service. In case the package deal that the custom chose entails technical support, this service is offered according to the terms that the customer agreed to when he bought the specific package deal.


Mention of the web design company

All the websites that Web-Infox builds must state in the footer that our company created the specific website. Under no circumstances can this mention be erased and its potential deletion is forbidden as it violates the terms of agreement between the customer and our company. Thus, Web-Infox has the right to ask for 500 euros as a financial compensation from this particular customer.


Use of the website and the email account

The customer is solely responsible for the way that he uses his website and his email account. Only the customer bears the responsibility for any illegal use of either the website or the email account.



Web-Infox gives passwords to the customer so that he can access the administration of his website only after he has paid off the full amount that was originally agreed upon. Web-Infox preserves the right to stop providing its services to the customer if he does not pay off the full amount. If the services are not paid off in time, Web-Infox will automatically stop providing these services to the customer according to the terms of the original agreement.



The customer must make sure that his personal information is always up to date so that the company can inform him about any issues that may arise regarding his website (eg. expiration or renewal of the hosting service).



Our website uses cookies with the aim of improving the user’s experience in this website. By using our website, you automatically give your consent to the use of cookies.



In case a third party sues Web-Infox and a fine is imposed on our company because a user or a customer of the website violated the law or the terms of use, this user or customer accepts to fully reimburse the company and pay for the legal expenses or any other type of expenses that may arise.


Legal issues

The Greek law will apply for any disagreement that may arise and only the Greek courts are responsible for dealing with any legal matter.